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By their fruits

“The real test of a leader lies not in the personality or behaviour of the leader, but in the performance of the groups they lead. By their fruits we will know them”    Rosemary Stewart Goldsborough Coaching & Consultancy

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Reaching out, inviting in

“The world is disgracefully managed, one hardly knows to whom to complain” – Ronald Firbank This blog is about the increasing political interest in corporate governance through offices such as the Financial Reporting Council, author of Corporate Culture and the … Continue reading

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Women and autism

 Acting as host for a forthcoming women with autism conference:  http://www.brookdalecare.co.uk/Women_with_Autism_Conference I wanted to introduce the day in a thought provoking way and ventured into the parrallel world of writing parables: Just by putting on this conference we are part of a rising tide … Continue reading

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