Theory & truth in the labyrinth


“No theory can be right because no theory can have all the answers & hold a monopoly on the truth”

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Earlier this year in Marrakech I was hunted down through a labyrinth of streets by a trader who had shut up shop to catch up with me. When he eventually did so he grabbed my arm & various scenarios flashed through my mind, none of which came close to the truth of what was about to transpire.

He duly informed me that I had mistakenly given him the equivalent of £100 too much & counted out the notes methodically before me! Needless to say we parted as friends.

I admit it did leave me a bit perplexed, not what I would have expected in theory & it took a while to adjust to this new truth.

I think it is rare that our experiences are this cut & dried & so the reality check an experience has the potential to provide us can get overlooked in favour of previously embraced theories. In many ways coaching should provide a space to challenge ourselves and our theories and test them in a safe space, to ensure that practice informs theory as well as the other way around.



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