The Trump express


“There is no situation so bad that with careful planning cannot be made worse”

 Getting home from Kings Cross was interesting, I tell a lie, it was not interesting at all it was a comedy of errors leaving 100’s of passengers stranded. Our 50min journey took over 4 hours and that with a full range of electronics at our disposal to source alternatives with (my partner did the competent and resourceful scrolling, I was otherwise occupied with my John Cleese impression; thrashing random locomotives with a branch). Actually that did not happen but it was a close run thing!

A quick synopsis; despite having only bought the ticket the day before there was no prior warning of the planned maintenance. However on the day there were large professionally printed posters on hand, each with a disinterested man in uniform attached to explain our options. Taking the clear advice (why wouldn’t you) that there were now no direct trains from London but that we needed to travel via tube to Liverpool St station to travel on to an intermediate station. However on arrival we discovered that there had never in the illustrious history of rail travel, been trains from Liverpool St to that destination.

The advice from behind their information counter was now in fact to travel via another station and change again somewhere that may as well have been just outside Rome, so we tried that. However the information that was missing was that the journey on from there, despite being only 30mins by car, was in fact 14 months, 6 days and 4 hours.

The solution entailed hiking across the next city and rendezvousing with a bus that would take us within 300 miles of the railway station car park, only to find on arrival a parking fine on the windscreen because our ticket had by now expired. The car parks of course are sub-contracted to another firm so……….but I promised you the expedited version.

There I feel better already for getting that off my chest, but reflecting on our health and social care services:

Does our industry provide integrated and well signposted services?

Do we sometimes provide staff who fall short on customer empathy?

Are we sometimes passive rather than recognise, own and proactively rectify failings?

Claiming we do is like pretending a man with no prior experience and badly fitting hair can run the United States of America………oh wait?!



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