Living with the crowd

crowd “The true history [understanding]of the mind is not preserved in learned volumes but in the living mental organism of everyone”…….C.G Jung

Now there’s a thought to juggle with considering technology has gifted us, via blogs, twitter, crowd sourcing and other online communities, the very means with which to do just that; be immersed. The statement is no longer a mental reach for us, the concrete world having made visible the living mental organism of everyone in a very tangible way.

That said are we richer or poorer for its arrival? In fact perhaps now that is a question of academic interest only; as it ain’t going away anytime soon. At its worst jumbled, prejudiced and ill thought out nonsense with a capacity to influence the mob. At its best a sharing of knowledge, raising awareness and harnessing group creativity.

What then the implications for leadership, do we bow to the power of the sound bite and become lost in the general milieu, or strain to retain some independence of thought and analysis?

Do we trust the racing driver to drive the car or go to the crowd and ask them when and where to turn?

Can we do both, is it possible to suckle from the electronic teat without losing our creative time and our sense of individual responsibility?

As William Penn said “Time is what we want most, but what alas we use the worst”.


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