“I cannot and will not cut my conscience to fit this year’s fashions”

                                                                                              Lillian Hellman

There has to be a fundamental question within health and social care (and education for that matter); how much of the direction of travel at any given moment in time is nothing more than what is trending? Do we ask our often partially informed politicians enough where the evidence is for the latest idea before we go about trying to make it happen?

We know good ideas stand the test of time, do we just shrug our shoulders and take a view that we have no way of knowing which idea will stand the test of time, or should we ask more searching questions based on our professional knowledge and experience? What is the point of leadership in possession of specialist informed knowledge if it can be so easily bent out of shape?

By agreeing to dance it gives credence to the tune, by agreeing to the proposal it ensures it gets implemented and by following the trend we make it fashion, but never more than that.



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