“Living is entirely too time consuming”


In 1953 James Watson and Francis Crick wrote a classic paper that first described the double helical structure of DNA. Like you I have never met them but I have no doubt they were sharp cookies. Clearly being a smart cookie in the conventional sense (IQ) is more than helpful, but there is more to it than that. The ability to concentrate and to focus on one particular problem or issue at a time can be extraordinarily helpful in making progress. I wonder how many of our well known ground breaking scientists over the years have had a spot of ‘difference’ about them that was not entirely explainable by measuring their IQ – Einstein was not just clever was he?

 So to the quote; “Living is entirely too time consuming”, with only so many hours in the day, we surely have to be selective about what we do with these precious hours or risk loosing any sense of control. Why then are some of us spending our productive hours suckling from the instant electronic teat that is tweeting & retweeting ad nausium in a constant state of distraction?

 Just a thought, is this a recipe for being present and focused or ensuring that we stay busy doing nought other than contributing to the noise?

 Had Einstein been born later in history would he have scribbled E=Mc2 or been more like the rest of us dancing to the tune of endless bleeping always on the periphery of having a good idea?


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