Our part in the downfall of Karl Marx

Karl Marx      “Humankind sets itself only such problems as it can solve”

Karl Marx

Was Marx correct? Its a great quote but surely the NHS is proof enough that the great man was wrong with his assertion. Was the NHS set up to provide universal health care free at the point of delivery or with the sole objective of proving Marx wrong and to undermine his legacy once and for all?

 Ironically perhaps it can be argued that because it took a full 65 years, 16 weeks and one day from his demise (a year longer than the man himself existed) to prove him wrong, could in itself have been viewed as proof that he had indeed set us a problem that we could not solve and thus proved himself wrong.

 However the creation of the NHS in 1948 was a stroke of genius, swiftly gathering the complexity it required to place itself firmly in the unsolvable category. A meta organisation as insoluble to rational processes as great communist statues are to pigeon pooh. A monolithic structure so vast that pigeons needed to view it from space to find the head to target, for years pigeons could be seen with empty crisp packets filled with oxygen seeking to attain the required altitude, but I digress.

 There was of course one final problem to be solved; the NHS was a single entity and therefore there was always a chance that some really bright spark would come along and pull it into a congruent whole. We have now conquered this potential problem, by encouraging increasingly large divisions to ‘spin off’ and become Social Enterprises. Brilliant, thus ensuring that never again can the NHS be viewed in a singular form placing the theoretical risk of coherent change beyond harms reach.

 Here we have truly excelled and deserve to pat ourselves on the back, it is surely our finest hour, a masterstroke, our part in the downfall of Karl Marx.


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